About Us

About Us

Best Home Machines is a one-stop review site for all machines that we use at home. We provide unbiased and comprehensive machines and gadgets reviews.

How was the idea of starting Best Home Machines conceived?

My friends and I were lamenting how we got a raw deal when we bought our first carpet cleaner for our apartment. We had just acquired what we thought was the best carpet cleaner, but unluckily, it started leaking on the third month!

Our apartment was a bit messy (just a little), and with three boys sharing an apartment, we had frequent coffee spills and stains that could not be removed with bare hands. We sent it back to the manufacturer, and this caused a lot of inconveniences (lost time, money and a dirty carpet).

We realized that when we were purchasing the machine, we did not take the time to read independent machine reviews that would have saved us the agony of dealing with a leaking carpet cleaner combined with the inconvenience involved in returning the machine. We vowed to help new clients looking for machines by giving them independent, comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

How we aim to help new buyers

After what we went through, we did not want to see another client go through the same ordeal, especially with home machines that are a little bit pricier than other products.

We aim to:

  • Provide informational articles in the form of buyer guides that contain all the relevant information that will help buyers get value for their money.
  • Provide a list of products that we think are the best and compare them in the form of Top 10 lists, comparison charts and the pros and cons of each product. We only recommend products that pass our rigorous evaluation criteria.
  • Provide a layman explanation of technical terms associated with machines. We understand that everybody has a gift and we are using our gifts as engineers to provide informational guides that everybody understands.
  • Create a supportive community that is more than willing to support each other and increase the confidence levels of each other. Occasionally, we will inform you of future offers, discounts, and tips that will interest you.
  • Make Besthomemachines.com the ultimate destinations when searching for comprehensive home machines buying guides.

Do we earn by recommending machines?

Sometimes, we make commissions by recommending certain products. By clicking and purchasing through our links, you will NOT be charged any extra cost on top of the product price.

The commissions we get helps us to maintain our website by providing you with up-to-date content, maintaining our website and ensuring a secure environment. We appreciate your support.

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