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My name is Jason, an Electrical Engineer and the Founder of Best Home Machines.

Since my tender age, I have always been fascinated by machines, gadgets and any equipment that makes our lives easier. My passion for machines motivated me to pursue a career in engineering, to make the world better and help other people.

Also, my love for machines inspired me to launch Best Home Machines, after a couple of friends encouraged me to share my knowledge with the world, instead of limiting my expertise to the garage.

During the last 15 years, I have dismantled and assembled thousands (if not billions) of home machines and gadgets including carpet cleaners, generators, coffeemakers, and even portable grills! Yes, I do love BBQ’s. I have reviewed some of this equipment on this site, while others are lined up for review and testing in the coming days.

Together with my small team of reviewers and writers, we have published comprehensive buying guides that comprise Top 10 lists, comparison charts and Pros & Cons of each product. The guides are meant to help you choose quality products that give you value for your money. We ONLY recommend machines & gadgets that we believe are the best for our audience.

Have a look around and if you need help, shoot me an email at jos[at]besthomemachines[dot]com or leave us a message here. Thank you.

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